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Boxhead: A Halloween Special Boxhead: (The Rooms, More Rooms, 2 Player) Boxhead: The Zombie Wars
- one hit will kill you, so keep your distance!

- try not to worry about the civilians around zombies as much, they are relativly smart.

- you gain weapons as you progress in levels.

- you only get 4 weapons, pistol, uzi, shotgun, and grenades, and there are no upgrades.

- don't worry, no devils :)

- try to use different weapons in certain situations, ammo is some-what scarce.

- make sure to count how many civilians are following you at the time, even if one gets left behind when you run out of time, it's over!

- make your radar your best friend in dertermining which path to take to saftey, this is the only Boxhead with a radar, take advantage of it

- this was the first game of the Boxhead series, so your guess is as good as mine as to why the graphics are better for this game compared to the next three made after it!!

- block off corridors with barrels and fake walls to funnel the on-coming zombie horde.

- the long range of the uzi is best against devils, incase they get off a fireball, you have time to evade it.

- the best weapon to use when surrounded is the shotgun. At it's best, the shotgun turns into a rapid fire spread machine gun capable of mowing down countless zombies.

- always take advantage of the number of weapons you have, the only weapon that can be useless at most times is the pistol.

- the harder the difficulty you start on, the more weapons and upgrades you not only start with, but are capable of getting quicker because your timer is set higher (More Rooms only).

- try not to face each other, since you can easily kill one an other when friendly fire is turned off (Two Player only).

- one hit will kill you, so don't stop moving! (The Rooms only).

- see the Boxhead Armory for more tips on the best way to use charge packs, claymores, barrels, and fake walls!!

- you will need to use every weapon in this game to be successful.

- use the barricades and build your base so that you can fit turrets inside easily and so you can repair destroyed barrcades easier. It's all about efficency.

- be ready the second the next level starts for the mummy zombies to pop up and attack!

- frequently check your turrets to see if they need to be replaced or if the barricade around them is being breached.

- the air strike is very powerful, but very rare, use it as a last resort.

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